Is there an Advantage in Using Sex Toys?

sex toys

Gone are the days of men and women or couples pleasuring themselves when they are alone. Couples nowadays are more open to the idea that sex toys can bring them pleasure. It is pure adult fun. There are different kinds of toys in the market for men, women, lesbian, gay, young and old. There is no need to feel down, just because there is nothing for you in the market.

Additional orgasm, adding spices, ease boredom are just some advantages of sex toys. But what sex toys are suited for an individual with a special need? One of the most common type of fetish or sexual fantasy nowadays is BDSM or what they call bondage. It is a type of an erotic practice that involves role-playing. BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism.

Toys used in BDSM

1. Edge under the bed restraints or starp on

It is a set of straps that were made to fit under the bed. It will allow you to keep your partner from moving to the other parts of the bed. It has a main strap and it comes with three cross straps. There are six connection points in this type. Some fine pleasure is tying their partner. This is a perfect toy for you in that case.

2. Metal cuffs

Who would think that metal cuffs can now be used for sex? It is actually being used during a foreplay if the couple or one of them is in dire need to satisfy a fantasy or a kinky. This makes the idea that one is submissive and can be a prisoner. It may be the girl or the boy depending on their agreement in bed. It is made of silver metals. It is also versatile. It fits into the playing scenes for rough and fantasy kind of bondage sex.

3. The spreader bar

This is being used for sexperimenting. Some even collect such kind of toy. It is best used for the ankle cuffs. You can have enough access when you use this. It is one way to change the bedpost. It will keep the submissive one cuffed arms or legs in their proper posting. You can have access to the clit or groin using this toy.

4. Bed restrain kit

Yes, there is this kind of kit now that you can buy especially meant for bondage. It comes with complete accessories. There is a blindfold cloth, bed restrains that will fit even a king sized bed. There is also a breathable ball gag, clasp, and cuffs. All you need to do is to enjoy and have a good bondage experience. You will surely have your way to orgasms.

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