The Best Crave Dry Dog Food Update 07/2024

Why Dogs React to Dry Dog Food

crave dry dog food

Many owners who are not sure if their dog is allergic to dry dog food are greatly concerned about what the pet food industry is hiding. Just because your dog does not respond to your feeding schedule does not mean he or she is allergic to dry dog food.

I know many dog owners who fed their dogs dry dog food as well as a wide variety of other high protein foods. In fact, they made the mistake of not knowing the difference between dog food ingredients and other ingredients that can cause serious health problems for dogs. Now they are very concerned.

They ask me if their dog is allergic to dry dog food and what they should be feeding them instead. I tell them it’s quite simple.

I suggest they replace the dry dog food with one of the most premium natural dry dog food products available today. One that is actually made with 100% all-natural and organic ingredients.

There are three ingredients to be aware of when choosing the premium dry dog food available on the market today. These are meat by-products, meat fat and gelatin.

Chicken meal, chicken fat and ground egg whites are the by-products used to create a variety of foods. Dry dog food products using chicken meal, chicken fat and eggs also use by-products that come from animals which are not given their basic needs. These by-products provide no nutritional value at all and many of these “premium” dog foods contain protein which is not at all necessary for dogs.

Premium natural dry dog food contains higher quality ingredients than do their non-premium counterparts. This is not to say that all premium dry dog foods are healthy, but the point is they contain lower levels of by-products, meat fat and gelatin and much healthier grains and meats.

If you are feeding your dog a diet consisting of dry dog food that contains the by-products, meat fat and gelatin, then you are sending a message to your dog that he or she does not matter. It is this message that is leading to health problems for your dog, such as allergies and digestive issues.

Dry dog food that is low in gelatin and contains higher quality meats and grains also helps to reduce the amount of food your dog has to digest, thereby increasing the quality of the food your dog is eating. This is why a good quality dry dog food will give your dog the kind of nutrition he or she needs to thrive and to stay healthy.

This is also why premium natural dry dog food is so important for your dog. If you feed them a premium dry dog food that contains higher quality meats and grain, you are not only providing your dog with healthy options but with higher quality dog food ingredients as well.

It is my contention that the pet food industry is hiding a major truth about dry dog food which they know people like you are beginning to learn about. As soon as the dry dog food makers began offering premium organic and natural dog food to consumers, their sales and profits skyrocketed.

Now you know what makes dry dog food so different from its non-premium counterpart and how premium dry dog food products increase the nutritional value of dog food. Follow the links below to see for yourself how choosing premium dog food products will benefit your dog.